We do not limit ourselves to providing advice and representation on day-to-day legal issues related to corporate management as well as complex strategic legal matters, but also look ahead to dealing with disputes in case of emergency. We also provide preventative corporate legal services based on our extensive experience in handling disputes.

 Preventive and routine legal services

Formation of joint stock companies and other types of legal entities

Maintenance of Articles of Incorporation, Share Handling Regulations, Board of Directors Regulations, Employment Regulations and other internal regulations

Establishment and operation of a legal compliance system

Appropriate management of internal organs such as the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and various committees, and the establishment of a corporate governance system

Legal advice on the establishment of internal control systems (with a view to foreign anti-corruption legislation)

Formation, management and liquidation of joint ventures

Issue of stock options and development of other incentive plans

Verification of the legality and legal risk of new business and financial products

Compliance with various business laws and regulations such as Banking Act, Travel Agency Act, Building Industry Act, Medical Act, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Funds Settlement Act, etc.

Drafting of outsourcing contracts, finance contracts, lease contracts and other transaction agreements

Advice on negotiation strategies between large and small companies utilizing the antitrust field.

International transactions, including contracts in English (sometimes in collaboration with overseas offices)

 Dispute Resolution Services

Contract negotiation, dispute prevention, dispute resolution, provisional dispositions, provisional seizures and various litigation matters relating to commercial transactions

Drawing on our experience in dispute resolution work, we have developed a strategic defence system for companies.

Dealing with labour issues