Today's Global Companies are increasingly required to take enviromental measures, particularly Climate Change, as well as enviromental and human rights meatusres, not only for themselves but also for the workes of their  suppliers and contractors. It is not yet too late to contribute to carbon neutrality. As we all know the Analysis required by SCOPE 3 to contribute to carbon neutrality also focuses on the supply chain. In addition, The Revised  Corporate Governance Code places a strong requirement on companies which are registered at Tokyo Stock exchange PRIME market, to explain their susutinability to investors in non-financial terms.

The firm sees this not only as a risk but also as an opportunity for the client company and, after analysing the value chain that the company wants to expand and the supply chain that the company has, formulates a framework for dealing with climate change, labour environment and human rights measures, and biodiversity issues, as well as implementation strategies and contracts. Legal practice will be supported. We will also deal with legal issues and crisis management related to the planning of IP and human resources strategies based on these issues, including the appointment of lawyers familiar with these issues as external directors to companies listed on the prime market.