IP strategy in the new era will be inadequate if it is based on IP alone.

The protection of intellectual property and trade secrets is essential for manufacturing companies as well as for other companies in the field of technology. In addition, in recent years, manufacturing has become incomplete without the protection of special intellectual property such as software, content, artificial intelligence and other data in the data business.

Integration of data and IP strategies

Data strategy is now essential for the digital twin in the manufacturing process. IP strategies may emerge from data strategies, and can they be properly secured? Cyber-attacks on know-how are no longer a thing of the past in cyberspace.

-It is necessary to combine data with various strategies such as personal data, trade secrets and intellectual property. It is no exaggeration to say that the days of giving advice in isolation are over, as it is now necessary to prepare a data strategy to protect intellectual property, or to develop a data strategy for further improvement after having developed an IP strategy. In the case of national projects and infrastructure projects, security must also be taken into account.

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