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-Digital marketing and digital advertising continue to deepen along with the expansion of the EC/D2C market. On the other hand, consumer damage caused by excessive advertising has become a social problem, and governments are strengthening regulations and enforcement accordingly.
-It is well known that digital advertising regulations for EC/D2C require compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, the Health Promotion Law, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, the Special Commercial Law, and other laws and regulations in the context of popular products such as cosmetics and health foods. However, the above laws and regulations do not cover all advertising labeling regulations.

Antimonopoly Law, Premiums and Representation Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, etc.
≪Consumer Laws≫
Specified Commercial Transactions Law, Anti-spam E-mail Law, Installment Sales Law, Consumer Contract Law, regulations on platforms, etc.
≪Regulations targeting various industries or products≫
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, Health Promotion Law, Food Sanitation Law, JAS Law, Travel Agency Law, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, Alcohol Tax Law, Household Goods Quality Labeling Law, and other business laws
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act, Health Promotion Act, Food Sanitation Act, JAS Act, Travel Agency Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act, Liquor Tax Act, Household Goods Quality Labeling Act, other business laws
≪Self-regu lations by each industry≫ Fair Competition Code, voluntary regulations set by industry associations, provisions regulating unfair advertising labeling in "Consumer Affairs Ordinance"
, instructions by local public bodies under the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums, etc.
-In addition, digital advertising involves a variety of players, including advertisers, ad agencies, DSPs, ad network operators, platforms, SSPs, and media.

 When advertising which commercial products ✓
Who ✓
What sanction do you receive ✓

On the other hand, effective marketing requires a broad and in-depth knowledge of the regulatory trends and realities.
-On the other hand, effective marketing requires maintaining or enhancing the appeal of advertisements, and risk analysis based on regulatory trends and actual conditions is indispensable for this purpose. To this end, risk analysis based on regulatory trends and actual conditions is indispensable.
-In addition to advising advertisers such as EC/D2C businesses, we also conduct seminars and study sessions and provide legal advice to players at all layers of digital advertising, such as ad network operators and other platforms, advertising agencies, and media. We also conduct seminars and workshops and provide legal advice to ad network companies and other platforms, advertising agencies, media, and other players in the digital advertising industry.
-In addition, based on our experience in advising major advertising agencies, we also provide advice on commercial advertisements featuring celebrities, etc.
We also assist traditional manufacturing companies in launching new e-commerce businesses. We have attorneys who specialize in intellectual property strategies and provide multifaceted support for digital advertising, which is often accompanied by branding strategies.