-Our team members are required to analyze the data flow and business design from the point of business model design, security and privacy laws from the business planning stage. We have worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including AI, data science, supercomputing, Saas vendors, Sier, Fintech, etc., and have recently been involved in DX projects for pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and manufacturing companies. We have also been involved in DX projects for pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing companies.

-We welcome consultations not only from legal departments in recent years, but also from corporate planning departments and business departments at the management planning stage. We are not only attorneys and patent attorneys, but also information processing security support specialists andIT strategists, and we can coordinate with the legal department management division from the business side. We also provide advice on appropriate solutions in cooperation with various cyber security vendors.

When you contact us, we will often ask you to describe the data lifecycle of the data business you are planning. Is the data lifecycle as a whole clearly problematic for the stakeholders involved as well as for the various business regulations? It is essential to examine the business model from a holistic perspective, not just the individual processes. When dealing with information technology matters, we do not believe that our legal advice should be limited to amending the terms of use.

We are also able to deal with legal and business problems involving tradtional data. It is often the case that companies are unable to deal with information business issues after  consuluting with their legal advisers, and so take matters into their own hands, which can increse the various kinds of risks. We can support you to deal with these issues both before and after the problems happen, and  we will be happy to discuss to discuss the Data Privacy Impact Assesment with you. We provide services to support business achivement including cross-border cases from Privacy and Security by design points pf view to be suitable for Japanese Data Privacy regulation, GDPR and other regulations.

We will provide advice and design legal services based on the architecture of the system from the application layer to the infrastructure layer, as well as drafting contracts based on an understanding of multi-cloud based responsibility-sharing and liability-sharing technologies.